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Cherub Nail Decals


The Nail Press Decals are luxury nail art waterslide decals that will bring your nail art game to the next level. Decals vary in sizes to ensure they fit a variety of nail lengths.  

Decal sheets are 3x4 inches and on a transparent backing.

Easily applies to natural nails, press on nails, and salon gel/acrylic nails. The Nail Press Decals look the most beautiful over light bases such as clear, white, or light pastel colors.

Watermarks are not visible on decals purchased.


Cut out the desired decal as close as possible to the edges for a clean look.

Soak the decal in water for 10-20 seconds. Once soaked completely, take decal out of the water and dry off excess water. Use tweezers or fingers to slide the decal off of the backing.

Apply decal to the nail and seal with top coat for a long lasting finish! 

No returns/exchanges or refunds once purchased.